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Company history


It was the year 2007 and the twins Edgar and Edwar Juárez were enthusiastic about the possibility of distributing Fibra Optica in the region, a novelty at the time, which promised to be able to replace copper with endless advantages. They crossed countless routes, airports and offices promoting the idea.


They were difficult beginnings, in which dreams were abundant and capital was scarce. And where there were no shortage of mythical trips, like the one carried out by Edwar, when he decided that the ideal was to stop looking for distributors and focus on the final customer.


Edwar managed to invite 25 Peruvian cable TV operators to the remote city of Seoul to see the Taihan facilities. The detail: in his eagerness to add potential clients, he had run out of money for his own ticket, which he had to exchange for publicity thanks to old contacts, and he arrived in Seoul without accommodation and with only 100 dollars in his pocket...


As the fiber optic distribution project grew, the need for a solid business structure became clearer. It was then that the Juárezes invited Giancarlo Di Zio, a family friend, to be part of the project. Owner of the prestigious Venezuelan company Materials of the Andes, Giancarlo sensed the potential that the Juárez project had and decided to contribute all the business experience that the idea needed to grow.


Thus, on September 9, 2009, FYCO was formally born, a name created from the union of the words fiber and copper, a slogan that the Juárez brothers had used when trying to sell their idea in Latin America.

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Milestones and events 


The company was founded by the brothers Juarez and Gian Carlo Di Zio.


Opens operations in Ecuador and Mexico.



Opens operations in Colombia and Peru.

● 300 km of fiber optics were sold.


1,000 Km of Fiber Optic were sold.

Opening of the first international warehouse in the Colon Free Zone, Panama.


HFC products and copper cables were added.


The first batch of 5,000 Km Fiber Optic was stopped in the free zone of Colón.


 ISO 9001 certification.

● The first tender was won with Une.


Open operations in the United States.


The headquarters opens in Medellín.

 The second international winery opens in Shanghai, China.


Opens operations in the Dominican Republic and Chile.



 Join the Fiber Broadband Association.


Opens international warehouse in Costa Rica and Uruguay.

 Great Place to Work certification.


Opens operations in Costa Rica and Panama.

 SAP implementation.

● 10,000 km of fiber optics were sold.

Certifications and compliances


See the FYCO corporate certificate and a list of our ISO certified locations.

● ISO 9001:2015 registration certificate:See certificate

The Blue Book

Some companies have mission statements, some have employee policies... and some have the Blue Book.

Our founders developed the Blue Book more than 13 years ago to present the beliefs and spirit that define our business style. Although we have grown and changed dramatically since our founding in 2009, one thing has remained constant: our commitment to the values laid out in the Blue Book.

In its 32nd edition, the Blue Book continues to represent the "FYCO Way", the way we think about our business and behave towards our customers and suppliers. It is no exaggeration to say that the simple and direct philosophy of the Blue Book has been fundamental to our success over the years.

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Industry Affiliations


Operating within dynamic global industries with a strong focus on technological developments, Fyco strives to be the industry expert within the data center, security, wireless, industrial communication and cabling industries.

Fyco keeps up with the latest developments within the industries we serve by actively participating in major standards and industry associations. We keep up with industrial and technological developments to offer you

● Access to the latest news and events in the sector
● Updates on changes in industry regulations and legislation
● The latest product testing and research
● Continuous training.


Through our engineers' participation in committees and organizations around the world, Fyco continues to bring significant updates, announcements and educational benefits to our customers. We can provide sound advice based on best practices and standards designed to deliver optimal performance and reliability for your operations.

Experienced Sellers

The Technology Solutions GroupSM is a team of systems engineers, regional security managers and lab personnel who focus on the unique requirements of your business and apply their knowledge and experience to your needs to help you achieve your goals.

Whether seeking advice on the best network cable, assisting with electrical design, or developing an IP video migration strategy, we are available to offer advice and support on the challenges our customers may face.

" After 15 years of dealing with Fyco around the world, their unwavering commitment and expertise are second to none. Whether it's a simple customer need or a complex multi-site deployment, Fyco is dedicated to meeting that need through a exemplary approach to service."

Paolo Munhoes Marchetti, Sales Manager At Corning.

" Fyco's investment in quality, knowledgeable staff and easy ordering processes complement each other and come together in a highly professional and worry-free experience. "

Paolo Munhoes Marchetti, Sales Manager At Corning.

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