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Since 2009 we have grown and changed significantly, but one thing that has remained constant is our values and commitment to each member of our team.


In the FYCO culture, a fundamental principle is the appreciation and care of our people. We want to help them develop and grow professionally, since they are the human force that allows us to achieve the proposed goals. We believe that achieving success and excellence only makes sense if we all do it together.

egalitarian environment

Since its inception, FYCO has promoted an egalitarian environment with an entrepreneurial spirit, and the challenge is to maintain it while we grow as a company and as human beings. Work should be a fun activity and should enrich us as people and as professionals.



We believe that developing collective intelligence requires people with work experience who want to pass on their knowledge and a young, motivated and enterprising team that is willing to constantly learn. For this reason, we always invite people who, due to their extensive experience in the industry, leverage the entire team and together achieve great goals. We are proud of each expert who joins the team and challenges us to continue growing. 

FYCO University Internship Program | ULA

Our FYCO University Internship Program | ULA is designed to provide undergraduate students with their first work experience, as well as tools that may be useful in their professional challenges. This initiative was born in Mérida, Venezuela, and seeks to enhance high-quality education and the development of growth opportunities for the students.  

professional areas


Our finance team is made up of professionals who support the entire organization in areas such as internal auditing, financial analysis, accounting and reporting, obtaining reliable and timely information that leverages the effectiveness of financial decision-making.

People Experience 

Our people experience team works in order to have the best members within the company, keep employees connected to the organizational culture and ensure their comprehensive well-being, executing plans that allow them to learn and evolve knowledge and skills, which it makes us win in the market in which we compete and contribute to our families, our clients and ourselves.


Our IT team has the great responsibility of being at the forefront of technology, anticipating the information needs of our stakeholders and constantly working on updating our internal platforms, achieving immediate and dynamic delivery of consolidated information on the operations of the company.


Our marketing team excels in information communication issues of fundamental use in the industry, publicizing our services and our achievements or success stories, thus attracting more customers and positioning our brand in the industry.


Our sales team works with enthusiasm, commitment and agility, thus making the company the first option for clients seeking effectiveness in business relationships, thanks to which stable and lasting bonds of trust are established.

Supply chain and operations

Our supply chain team aims to provide excellence in the products delivered to the client, ensure the optimal development of operations and constantly evaluate technologies, infrastructures and processes that provide profitability and confidence in each operation carried out.


We have an engineering team specialized in the different solutions for the telecommunications industry, which allows us to be the number one option for our clients and to be prepared to face the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.

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