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Proveedor fibra óptica | FYCO

Our credit department strives to offer creative and flexible financial solutions, we are characterized by being agile to give you a prompt response to your request.


Our financing plans are competitive, with payment conditions that adapt to the cash flow of your company or new investment project.


You can grow and develop your business with FYCO's flexible financing programs. Competitive rates and terms adjusted to your cash flow.


At FYCO, we help you conduct an analysis to determine which financing options best suit your needs, and create a customized structure that supports your business now and in the future.

Proveedor fibra óptica | FYCO

Financing of working capital (OPEX) or investment in assets (CAPEX)

Mobile network operators are constantly searching for new strategies to have cash flows that allow them to expand their network through new investments (CAPEX) and/or maintain their existing infrastructure (OPEX).


Limited resources most of the time do not allow the operator to grow as it would like and must sacrifice the timely maintenance of its current network to free up cash flow and be able to build a new network.

Soluciones FTTx | FYCO

Looking for the ideal solution for this need, FYCO offers our clients the following financial services:

Capex financing (supply, property and inventory management):

FYCO works with you to create a plan that considers sourcing, inventory management, import logistics, and supply chain management.


We take ownership of the entire inventory, effectively removing this account from your balance sheet, but you will have the confidence that your inventory of materials and equipment will be at the right time and place that you require it, as if the inventory were still under your control. property.


This strategy also significantly frees up your cash flow for you to use in other areas of your business.

Opex Financing (Warehouse Management):

In addition to inventory ownership and management, FYCO can take over managementfrom their warehouses.

This management is comprehensive, it may include warehouse personnel management (salaries, benefits and other responsibilities, with FYCO assuming the role of employer with all its responsibilities). Development and training in systems to rationalize the client's operating costs

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