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International logistics

International logistics

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Supply Service

Soluciones FTTx | FYCO

 Just in time

Our inventory management philosophy involves close collaboration with the customer so that the products that are required arrive just when they are needed. The main objective is to have the amount of inventory available to satisfy the demand required at the moment.

FYCO ensures that stock arrives when it is needed to start your network deployment project. The goal is to eliminate waste and increase the efficiency of your operations. Since the main objective is to guarantee the supply of the entire project, long-term contracts with our clients are required.

Soluciones FTTx | FYCO
Despliegue de redes | FYCO

International logistics

Every time a product is moved or transported there is a risk of delays, therefore, it is key to have the necessary experience so that transport management is the most optimal in terms of time and costs.

FYCO's experience in global operations allows us to work with you to determine the most efficient methods for product delivery while mitigating the risk of project delays.

As your global logistics partner, FYCO can:

● Rationalize freight costs.

● Improve the timeliness of deliveries.

● Reduce waiting times.

● Optimize the costs of international transactions.

● We know that to complete your projects on time, you must have the right products at the right time.


Our global logistics services include:

● Management of waiting times.

● Optimization of VAT, duties, taxes and import costs.

● Freight consolidation.

● Management of transit times.

● Punctual delivery.

● Management of import and export documentation.

● Management of transportation contracts and rates.

● Integration with our tracking systems to provide visibility en route.

● Consolidation of products in our international warehouses in China, USA and LATAM.

Fiber Express

We have designed a business model focused on having fiber optic cables for immediate delivery, based on a flexible logistics structure in different international warehouses on several continents, ready to supply any country in Latin America.

This allows us to deliver to our customers in record time, saving manufacturing time. The Fibra Express model has given positive results regardless of the particular situations in the countries of the region. 

Despliegue de redes | FYCO
Special services

Optimization is key in the international transport market, and when it comes to products, there is a range of possibilities when it comes to making the material safer and friendlier for its movement. This not only saves time and money in handling and transportation, but also ensures that the materials reach their destination with the best possible quality.


Packaging optimization is a process where supply chain engineering specialists look for ways to make the product more user-friendly. Let us not forget that any improvement in our processes implies an improvement in productivity.


Preparing the products you purchase for installation can be costly and affect your time to market. FYCO can help you find ways to reduce time, effort and cost by packaging products that streamline implementation processes so you can deliver your projects more efficiently.

Our product optimization and packaging services include:


  • Labelled

  • picking

  • Repacking and Repacking

  • Dead On Arrival

  • Product Configuration and Pre-Assembly

  • tracking

  • Delivery by project stage

Just in time
Logística Interacional
Fibra Express
Servicios especiales
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