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Fyco Learning is the telecommunications academy that provides effective education through its offer of specialized courses, aimed at all the people who make a life in the industry.


Fyco Learning uses active learning methodologies and its training processes are given in various modalities: face-to-face, virtual and mixed (b-learning).

Fyco Learning provides interactive and multisensory education, through a technological platform, which in addition to the virtues of virtuality (flexibility, accessibility, costs, multi-resources, etc.), allows access to a large amount of data that is used to carry out more efficient processes. effective, personalized, and inform the training leaders of the companies of the key metrics for decision making.


Our educational proposals are based on a great understanding of the sector and on alliances with people with great experience.

FBA Latam

FBA Latam Program

Fyco Learning is the academy accredited by the Fiber Broadband Association LATAM Chapter and responsible for bringing the association's new training and certification program to the entire region.


The FBA LATAM Program is the result of understanding the reality of the region, and seeks to provide high-quality training routes, in Spanish and at a cost adjusted to the region.


The new program is made up of 3 global certification routes, according to the desired area of specialization Installer & Maintenance, focused on areas of installation and maintenance of the optical distribution network, Architect, with an emphasis on planning and design, and Expert , which turns the participant into a validated expert in Fiber To The “X” technologies by the FBA LATAM Chapter.

Proveedor fibra óptica | FYCO

Fyco Learning is also capable of developing ad hoc learning routes and solutions tailored to the needs of customers.


And, in addition, it makes an online store available to the industry, with specialized microcourses in technical skills, according to the needs of the market.

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