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Despliegue de redes | FYCO

Technical and engineering support

Acting as a single-source resource for a multivendor environment, FYCO engineers can help you deploy new applications or optimize your existing infrastructure with a set of customizable support offerings.

● Application and solution engineering.

● Generation of lists of materials.

● Conceptual drawings.

● Interpretation of codes and standards.

● Installation recommendations and best practices.

● Education through Fyco Learning.

Despliegue de redes | FYCO
Custom product design or need

Hand in hand with the client, we develop tailor-made products, we listen to our client to understand what they need and what their vision of the product is.  We carry out this phase through innovation methodologies such as design thinking.


Subsequently, we make our knowledge, experience and specialized laboratories available to companies to find the technology that enables the product vision they have in mind. Several prototypes are generated, which are tested together with the client.


It is worth mentioning that our laboratories have sophisticated equipment and places where we carry out all the necessary tests on the products for their approval before deploying them in networks.

sustainable products

At FYCO we care about the environment and we think that constructions, both in civil works, electrical and telecommunications, among others, must be in harmony with nature; That is why we are proud to say that, thanks to the distribution of SHELLBOX through our offices throughout the region.

Proveedor fibra óptica | FYCO

We will contribute to the preservation of various marine species due to the biodegradable composition of its raw material and that with its manufacture will considerably reduce the number of bags that can reach the ocean and, thereby, contribute to the prevention of deaths of sea turtles, a species that inspired this product, and other species threatened by excess plastic and other materials in the oceans, as SHELLBOX is made from 100% recycled polyethylene, from different types of plastic bags.


About the product, SHELLBOX is divided into 4 types to be used in the different designs of underground constructions, each type has been baptized with the scientific name of 4 sea turtles, some of them in danger of extinction, as an analogy between their size and that of the product:


1.- Kempii, inspired by the Olive Ridley Turtle, scientific name Lepidochelys kempii.


2.- Mydas, inspired by the Green Turtle, scientific name Chelonia mydas.


3.- Carett, inspired by the Loggerhead Turtle, scientific name Caretta caretta.


4.- Cori, inspired by the Leatherback Turtle, scientific name Dermochelys coriacea.



Due to the quality of its raw material, SHELLBOX is characterized by:

● Durability - longevity.

● High strength, withstands a large amount of load.

● Easy handling and assembly, since it is modular, it does not require a crane for its handling.

● Efficient form of transport visualized in logistics cost savings.

● Premium quality.


At FYCO we are proud to offer construction solutions, allies of the environment, to contribute to the consolidation of a greener planet.

Continuous Improvement 

We realize that technology is constantly changing within the industries we support. Our engineers actively participate in industry associations, standards bodies, and earn key industry certifications to help you make informed technology decisions. We take standards involvement seriously by contributing to your standards development, being the voice of our customers, and staying informed about the latest technology, best practices, and trends.

Proveedor fibra óptica | FYCO
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