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FYCO is a leading global distributor of network and security solutions, electrical and electronic solutions, and electric power solutions. We help build, connect, power and protect valuable assets and critical infrastructure. From enterprise networking to supplying industrial MRO, to video surveillance applications and electrical power distribution, we offer full-line solutions, and intelligence, that create reliable, resilient systems that sustain businesses and communities. Through our unrivaled global distribution network, coupled with our supply chain and technical expertise, we help reduce the cost, risk and complexity of our customers' supply chains.


We're looking for problem solvers and creative thinkers to help some of the world's most influential companies build, connect, power and protect their valuable assets and critical infrastructure.

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Transparency in the Supply Chain

The steps FYCO has taken to ensure ethical business practices throughout its supply chain.

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Global Supply Chain Optimization

Fyco has the products, the people and the proven presence to help you. Whether you are operating manufacturing plants in multiple states or implementing new technology on multiple continents, our global experience is here to assist you:

● Leverage spend, rationalize supply base and reduce total cost.

● Create a reliable supply chain in direct and indirect production products.

● Develop a reliable and resilient global supply chain.

Global execution of projects

Whether you're building data centers in Asia, deploying smart city technology in Europe, or implementing a strategic sourcing program in countries around the world, our global capabilities will help you:

● Improve execution to complete projects on time, on budget and with less risk
Increase security measures.

● Conducting compliance assessments and technology consultations.

● With guidance on installation and commissioning.

Global execution of projects

The levels of complexity inherent in global deployments stem from multiple stakeholders working in different languages and currencies across multiple countries, regions, continents, and time zones. Trying to coordinate project timelines with local customs and logistics is a time-consuming and expensive challenge.

With Fyco, you can navigate your global deployment with experts who can help you focus on your business goals, not challenges. With so many factors to consider for a global deployment, from compliance to technology selection to supply chain dynamics, selecting the right partner will help you develop best practices and streamline project deployments. .


Our team of experts will help you simplify your complex global operations.



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Global supply chain optimization

Fyco has truly global capabilities and resources to help you improve productivity, lower operating costs and create a competitive advantage anywhere in the world. Helping build a reliable supply chain is just the beginning of the capabilities we offer to help you succeed in the global marketplace.


fifteen% material savings


240 labor saving hours


95%inventory availability


1.5 millionOPEX/CAPEX savings dollars

Current Projects: 1. Fyco Project | 2.Fico Nokia | 3. EPM and Fyco | 4. Huawei connection project in the southern cone.

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