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Innovation and sustainability from Latin America to the world

about the company

Two of the main cable operators in Mexico, which provide telephony, internet and cable television services to more than 15 million users and reach more than 60 cities in the country, needed a supplier that would supply protective boxes capable of safeguarding their equipment ( fiber optics and ducts) in its underground networks.

“It is fascinating how, a protectionist idea prompted the development of these container boxes in Mexico, we were able to design a new and competitive product, modular and easy to fit like a lego, made with sustainable raw materials, which has an impact on caring for the environment and represents Significant logistics savings for customers.”

Johnny Juarez - Country Manager FYCO Mexico.

The challenge

These telecommunications companies were facing the migration of their aerial fiber optic networks to underground. For this reason, they needed to have a resistant, durable and vandal-resistant product, since the container boxes available on the market are usually made of polymeric concrete or steel (a material that can be stolen after being installed).

This need represented for FYCO the opportunity to develop a completely new product tailored to customer requirements, in a demanding and large market.

Despliegue de redes | FYCO

A product tailored to the client.To develop this new container box, it was initially intended to use the patent from a previously manufactured modular register. However, this product did not meet the necessary technical specifications to be used in Mexico, so a product specially adapted to these requirements was developed. For this adaptation, recycled polyethylene was used, which added an attractive sustainability feature to the product. Thus, “Shellbox” was born, a protective box for underground telecommunications materials specially created for the Mexican market.


Innovative and sustainable design, inspired by nature.The name Shellbox is inspired by nature and alludes to the hardness and longevity of the tortoise shell, a shield that is synonymous with resistance and durability in the animal kingdom. In addition, it is closely related to recycled polyethylene, the same that, in the form of bags, is the main threat of death for sea turtles, which usually ingest them by mistaking them for food. Thus, by reusing this polyethylene and preventing it from reaching the sea as waste, Shellbox contributes to preserving the lives of sea turtles. The creation of the identity of this new product was the result of an effort by the entire FYCO team that, in the context of the pandemic, was encouraged to think creatively to come up with the name and logo.


Today, Shellbox comes in 4 different sizes, each named after an endangered sea turtle: Kempii, inspired by the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle; Mydas, inspired by the Green Turtle; Carett, inspired by the Loggerhead Turtle, and Cori, inspired by the Leatherback Turtle.


Simple plug-in covers.Another of the advantages presented by this new product was the simplification of the fitting of the covers, which went from having 4 screws to just 1. This facilitates its assembly and greatly impacts the installation process.

A modular and lightweight product.Being designed as a modular product, Shellbox is easy to handle and assemble, and does not require, for example, a crane for handling, which facilitates transportation and generates significant savings in logistics. From a central warehouse in the city of Querétaro, distribution was organized to cover the entire territory through the rental of warehouses located in the vicinity of each city where the products had to be delivered.


FYCO Learning: training.Since the Shellboxes are fitted in a modular way, “like a lego”, FYCO developed a training system for the technicians of the companies that install the product: FYCO Learning. This platform includes a guide for the logistics, storage, transportation and assembly of the product.


A resistant and anti-vandalism product

Shellbox container boxes are premium quality products, which comply with American SCTE standards, and guarantee a resistance of between 15 and 20 tons of load support, as well as high resistance to flammability. On the other hand, by not using steel or iron among its components, it is not attractive for theft, which means an advantage over other highly vandalized products available on the market. Shellbox works like a “plastic safe”, but with the properties of steel.


logistics savings

The design of logistics with warehouses throughout the Mexican territory, added to the modular and lightweight nature of the product, allowed cost savings and optimization of delivery times required by the client. In addition, this logistics set a precedent for FYCO as a future strategic provider for other telecommunications companies in Mexico, since the country is currently going through a boom in the implementation of underground communication networks.


A product line for every need

The success of the first Shellboxes, of 4 different sizes, encouraged FYCO to develop new sizes of container boxes to respond to the requirements of future customers.


Proudly Mexican

The factory that participated in the initial development of the product became the main producer of Shellboxes in Mexico. This not only allowed a 20% reduction in manufacturing costs, but also had an impact on the community of Teotihuacán, where the factory is located, since new employment opportunities were generated and the payroll was increased from 20 to 50 employees.


Scalability: from Latin America to the whole world

The development of an innovative product for this category also represented the opportunity to have an attractive product on a global level. By using recycled raw material, Shellbox offers fewer restrictions for exports to other markets, with which FYCO was able to scale its offer not only to all of Latin America but also to other regions of the world: tests have already been carried out in Uruguay and work is being done in Venezuela, USA USA, United Arab Emirates and Germany (which allowed to start the homologation process for all of Europe). It is, without a doubt, a case of innovation from Latin America to the rest of the world.

An attractive product for multiple industries

The product is not only suitable for telecommunications but also lends itself to being used in a very broad market, which includes all types of electrical installations for alternative energies, such as wind or photovoltaic, as well as water pipelines and civil works constructions.


3 yearsof development demanded this product from the initial idea.

More than 6,000 unitssold to date.

20% savingsin production costs.

5 countries are testing the product in addition to Mexico: USA, Uruguay, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates and Germany.

3 regionswill be impacted globally thanks to the scalability of the product: America, Asia and Europe.

“The Shellbox factory is located in Teotihuacán, famous for its pyramids, which can be seen from a product dune located in the factory. In addition, the train that connects with the United States passes through there. This presents an opportunity to expedite the export of Shellbox to that country. But the fundamental thing is that the growth of this factory attracted local people, managing to add more people to the project and generating a positive impact on the Teotihuacán community”

Johnny Juarez- Country Manager FYCO Mexico.

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