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FYCO Tribe

We are a modern tribe..

A tribe is a group of people who share an origin, a language, and a set of customs and beliefs, and who work collaboratively towards a common goal. We have called this book that way to identify ourselves as a team united behind the same desire and the same direction. This book explains what we are made of, and tells what our DNA and our "muscle fiber" are, the minimum unit of our social and cultural fabric, proudly Latin American.


We live in a changing and demanding world. A diverse ecosystem, which mutates and challenges us every day. In this modern jungle, our nomadic spirit leads us to constantly venture into new paths. We cross borders, conquer geographies and adapt to different environments, with unity and organization as standards. We make up a single tribe, which brings together all the countries and rises above our differences, with Latin America as a common denominator.


In humble tribute to our native peoples, today, a totem represents the sum of our virtues. A symbolic union of species, which exposes in all its strength our diverse nature and our animal strength:

Despliegue de redes | FYCO

Spectacled bears:This is how we call those who guide our tribe from their experience, people between 52 and 65 years old, prudent and of great wisdom, who know how to stand up, impose their presence and advance steadily even on difficult terrain, to set the course.

Condors:They are between 40 and 51 years old, and have a clear, open and objective outlook, which allows them to tenaciously pursue each new opportunity. They know how to rise to great heights, carefully observe the panorama and guide the teams with their flight.


Jaguars:Determined and seasoned, they are between 28 and 39 years old and know how to integrate free creativity and precise execution. They carry in their DNA the speed, determination and efficiency of the largest and fiercest feline in Latin America.


Coyote:They are young people between 18 and 29 years old who know how to demonstrate, despite their youth, their hunting instinct. Practical, innovative and passionate, they adapt to different terrains and face difficulties calling with their howl to the rest of the Tribe.

Together we make one! We are the FYCO Tribe!

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