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Despliegue de redes | FYCO

For this new decade we have the challenge of continuing the consolidation of our company in the telecommunications industry in Latin America and the Caribbean. To achieve this, we must guarantee compliance with our corporate objectives.




One of our main challenges is to recruit people with experience in the telecommunications industry to help train rookies, made up of recently graduated students, all betting on the development of collective intelligence.


interest group


We will continue to manage our stakeholders in a transparent manner to ensure the permanence and sustainability of our organization over time. This must translate into the satisfaction of our customers, suppliers, profitability for our shareholders and professional growth of our team.


Just in time


We will continue studying and researching solutions that allow us to achieve excellence in logistics and foreign trade management based on the JUST IN TIME methodology that allows us to better manage our resources and provide a better supply service to our customers.


Product engineering


We will continue faithful to the plan that we set for ourselves: to offer innovative and profitable products that deliver more connectivity attributes; We will continue to redesign the experience of our service in the market, understanding that its behavior is dynamic and the technological possibilities change rapidly.


Digital Transformation 

This decade will have very special challenges, we want to develop and lead the digital transformation in our industry to improve the customer service experience, in the same way we will apply this philosophy to automate the internal processes of the organization.

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