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Fyco announces collaboration with Ookla for Venezuelan telecom market

February 5, 2024 9:00 Am Venezuela

Fyco, a prominent player in telecommunications solutions, announced today the collaboration with Ookla®, a global leader in connectivity intelligence, aimed at enhancing network performance solutions across Venezuela. Fyco will assume the role of an official reseller for Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence® with available Network Quality, Rankings, Mobile Coverage, Claims, Consumer Sentiment, Video Quality of Experience modules and Cell Analytics™, products in Venezuela.

This marks a significant step for both companies, reflecting their shared commitment to improving networks and connected experiences in the region.


Fyco, with its extensive reach and expertise in the Venezuela telecommunications sector, will work alongside Ookla to expand the reach of Ookla’s solutions across the country.

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“Venezuela’s telecommunications market is dynamic and evolving,” shared Ookla’s VP of Strategic Initiatives, Kevin Hasley. “By collaborating with Fyco, a respected industry player, our goal is to equip carriers, ISPs, and service providers in the region with the tools they need to optimize their networks and provide outstanding customer experiences.”


[Fyco], added, “Fyco is excited to align with Ookla, a company known for its commitment to helping improve network performance and drive forward innovation. Through Ookla’s solutions, we can empower Venezuela telecom providers with data-driven insights, enabling them to excel in delivering top-quality services to their customers.”


Key highlights of the partnership include:

● Extended Market Reach: Fyco will leverage its vast network and regional expertise to promote and distribute Ookla’s products, ensuring broader accessibility.

● Improved Network Performance: Ookla’s suite of products, including Speedtest Intelligence and Cell Analytics, will equip Venezuela carriers with tools to enhance network performance and resolve issues more effectively.

● Customized Solutions: The partnership will enable telecom providers to access tailored solutions that address the specific requirements of the Venezuela market.


This collaboration represents a significant move toward elevating network performance standards across Venezuela. Fyco and Ookla are poised to empower telecom providers and ISPs, enhance customer experiences, and foster innovation in the region’s telecommunications industry.


For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

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About FYCO

A strategic partner in the development of connectivity projects and an ally for the main operators in Latin America, with 14 years of experience we offer services that allow a fast and cost-effective deployment of technological solutions. Presence in 10 countries in the region and 3 international warehouses in different continents.

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