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Interest Group 

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Our interest group is made up of clients, suppliers, the shareholders' meeting and the human team, all of whom have different expectations and needs regarding the company's activity, which is why it is very important to establish different strategies with each one of them, but that they lead us to the same goal. goal the success of FYCO.

Clients + Suppliers + Shareholders Meeting + Human Team = FYCO

We have different communication channels through technological solutions to present relevant and transparent information that each one of them needs to know about us.


They are the spearhead of our stakeholders, they give us the opportunity to turn our business vision into a reality. We must have your trust by offering excellence through service. All of them are looking for a strategic ally for their growth and we will be there to support them.


We have differentiated our clients into various segments depending on their organizational nature.


• ISPs

• Carriers

• Contractor

• Telco Infrastructures.

Communication channels with clients


They are key pieces for the development and positioning of our brand in the region, we must serve them with the same philosophy used with customers, they cannot provide any type of service or sale of products locally in a country or internationally throughout the continent.


Strategic Suppliers:

They are strategic suppliers when they understand and support our business vision, with them we can define global strategies betting on growth and mutual benefit, applying strategies based on economies of scale.


Before initiating a commercial relationship with a strategic supplier, it must go through a registration process, verification of its quality control and signing of legal contracts to guarantee a good commercial development in the future, these procedures are led centrally from the headquarters of Fyco Global Services.


Communication channels with

Shareholders Meeting

Maintaining a transparent and effective relationship with our Shareholders' Meeting is an important part of our commitments to stakeholders, which is why we maintain constant communication about the financial, administrative and technical management of the company._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The following activities allow us to have direct and continuous contact:


 1. Monthly publication of reports with relevant company information.


 2. Periodic meetings to review points of interest.



It is very important for us to present real and transparent financial information to the Shareholders' Meeting, which is why we have an audit committee in charge of supervising the management and effectiveness of the internal control system.


Shareholders meeting communication


Our people at FYCO are the fundamental resource and asset, which is why we are focused on professionally selecting, developing and inspiring the best talent in a framework of diversity and inclusion, to build and inspire a solid and high-performance culture.


Selection of human talent:

Our selection process seeks the timely attraction of profiles in a comprehensive and transparent manner, managing to select human talent appropriate to our culture, with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve business objectives and goals.


Team communication

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