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They are a fundamental pillar for the development and positioning of our brand in the region, we serve them with the same philosophy used towards customers, they can provide us with some type of service or sale of products locally in a country or internationally throughout the continent. .

Strategic suppliers

They are strategic suppliers when they understand and support our business vision, with them we can define global strategies betting on growth and mutual benefit.

Supplier development and evaluation

For the continuous improvement of the commercial relationship with our suppliers, we continue with the typification to focus efforts on the development of the commercial relationship under the criteria of market complexity and the impact for FYCO's operation. We want to manage with you activities to ensure quality, efficiency and risk management in sustainability, as well as the actions implemented and the performance obtained in 4 topics: environment, labor practices, good business practices and sustainable supply.


In addition, as a policy, we evaluate all our suppliers by monitoring performance and monitoring the contractually agreed indicators, in order to seek both technical and administrative improvement, as well as legal. The result obtained is communicated in a timely manner to our suppliers and jointly defined improvement plans are generated.


In order to incorporate responsible business practices and ensure compliance with legal requirements from the beginning of the contractual relationship with our suppliers, we carry out the due diligence process, in order to have an adequate level of knowledge of you. For this reason, from the moment of the request for service offers, we require the completion of the form of good business practices.

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