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A successful international logistics model

about the company

A leading provider of fixed, mobile and digital services in Latin America, which currently serves some 50 million customers, was looking for an ally with a regional presence that could distribute different products in the 9 countries in which it operates.

“FYCO products meet the required conditions and technical specifications. In addition, the commercial and technical staff is always available to facilitate communication and direct attention to our requirements”.

Testimony obtained in theCustomer satisfaction survey.

The challenge

The company opened a tender in order to find a supplier that had its own warehouses to store the materials and have them available for use in the shortest possible time, according to demand.


This supplier had to be able to satisfy that demand during a contract period of 3 years, and be able to distribute the different products in the 9 countries in which the company operates in Latin America, without incurring delays or delays.

Soluciones FTTx | FYCO

“In this project, FYCO has permanently maintained a supply model for a company that is present in 9 countries in the region. This is only possible thanks to (...) advance planning and monitoring of products throughout the entire distribution chain, which allows customers to be supplied immediately, avoiding delays”.

Crismar Avendano- Marketing Manager FYCO.


Vendor Managed Inventory.To obtain the regional award, it was essential to offer competitive prices and establish a series of alliances with local suppliers that would guarantee a sustainable supply chain throughout the contract.


In addition to this, FYCO developed the VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) model, a digital inventory that allows the client to verify in real time the distribution and stock processes in order to attend to possible increases in the demand for materials throughout the region.


The VMI platform allows knowing what quantities and what type of products are available in the different states of the distribution chain: in manufacturing, in transit or in stock in the local warehouse.


Own cellars.Another great service differential was having its own warehouses in the main markets in which the client has a presence. For example, the FYCO warehouse located in Colombia, where this client's largest operation is located, was key.


Partner in HFC solutions

During the 2019-2022 period, FYCO supplied a total of 2,231,300 2-way indoor splitters to supply the customer's HFC network.


Agile and flexible service

The implementation of the VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) model made possible significant cost savings and reduced response times. In addition, it allowed FYCO to provide the client with an agile and flexible service, with a regional scope.


Own wineries

Having its own warehouses in the vicinity of the countries where the client provides its services made it possible to meet the demands immediately for use and replacement, which streamlined the client's operation in a very positive way.


Future plans

Based on this experience, the possibility of developing new projects in Latin America was opened up and the challenge of offering this client other innovative proposals within the fiber optic segment was raised, with customized solutions for international supply.

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