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The conquest of a client that opened the doors to new opportunities

about the company

A digital technology provider, integrating fiber network solutions, connectivity, cloud infrastructure, and voice and collaboration tools for businesses. It has more than 6,400 clients, operates a portfolio of networks and data centers that extends throughout Latin America, and was looking for new providers for its regional operation.

"Achieving the goal of being suppliers to this large operator was very satisfying for us, because it opened doors for other businesses."

John Jaramillo -Technical Leader FYCO Colombia.

The Challenge 

To win this client, FYCO had to understand how to adapt its offer and even had to expand its core business, incorporating engineering services into its portfolio. The clearest opportunity was in a service that attends to an internal process in the configuration of active equipment (updating of firewalls, licenses and review of layer 3 routers) and fiber optic links for internet services.



Focus on the client.The FYCO team set out to understand the culture of this digital technology provider and was flexible enough to adapt to their requirements. To such an extent that it assigned specialist technicians to attend to the specific needs of this new client.


Tool learning.The FYCO team was trained in the use of the software solutions and programs used by the client in question (from SAP inventory management and control systems, to communication tools such as Teams and the Authenticator platform, among others).


Follow-up meetings.The process was accompanied by regular meetings between FYCO's internal team and the client. The constant feedback and the detailed follow-up of the volume of activities made it possible to measure in detail the evolution of the commercial relationship and constantly offer the client new points of improvement.


Integral service.As an added value, FYCO also offered the customer to train their technicians through FYCO Learning, an online educational platform, which works as an independent business unit.


regional focus.Although the initial contract was limited to Colombia, FYCO studied and adapted to the labor regulations and legislation of the rest of the Latin American countries where this supplier has a presence in order to be able to offer its services there as well.


Time optimization

The engineering services provided covered three fronts: satellite, wireless and fiber optics. In each case, it was possible to streamline the processes of equipment supply and availability of materials for the client.


Diversification of business lines

The signing of the first contract opened the doors to collaborate on other projects of this technology provider. Thus, in 2022, FYCO focused on a 16-kilometer fiber deployment in Panama for the company's two data centers, while the operation in Colombia continued to provide hardware to integrators. Also, FYCO advances in new projects, such as the installation of products, field services and delivery (turnkey delivery of equipment for daily activities of support, maintenance, installation or changes).


Access to new customers and markets

As a result of this project, FYCO positioned itself in the market of large telecommunications operators as a solid and reliable supplier of products, engineering services and network deployment. In this sense, the company undertook in 2022 the design of new data centers for another company in Mexico, offered engineering services for an operator in Costa Rica and analyzed a possible commercial agreement with another firm in Ecuador.


300 teamsto configure was the first commitment made by the client.

◦ The signed contract has an initial duration of1 year,with the possibility of extension.

2021.At the end of 2021, FYCO's first agreement with this client was closed, and in January 2022They were already working on development.

One month and a halfled the learning process for FYCO in the use of new tools to perform the task of configuring equipment for the client.

1 project leaderHe was specially assigned to attend to the orders of this new client.

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