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The uses of the Internet extend to all areas of human endeavor, but for the Internet to be possible, advanced technology is necessary, such as satellites and optical fiber. In recent years, optical fiber has progressively replaced copper and HFC, every day more and more people require and value the Internet connection more. In response to this demand, as a company we have adapted quickly to the changing needs of the industry, implementing an expansion policy that has allowed us to cooperate in digital inclusion projects in the American continent, especially in the midst of this pandemic caused by COVID-19.

About us?

FYCO is a global organization made up of professionals of different nationalities, specialists in the area of telecommunications technology, as our motto says, “ready for the future”, prepared to face the challenge of being connected in this stage of historical changes.

At FYCO, our mission is to design and offer flexible solutions to guarantee interconnection. To this end, we provide logistics and advance products to optimize telecommunications, which is why our engineering, commercial and logistics processes are certified under ISO 9001 standard.

We have presence in all the continent, personalized attention in our headquarters in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Dominican Republic; and in Central America through our offices in Panama, while in the Caribbean islands, through our offices in Miami, Florida. However, in the midst of this global health situation, we have reinforced our services with the creation of FYCO Virtual, an online space for the telecommunications sector that modernizes our interaction with the industry. It consists of the following six modules, we explain:

• FYCO Store.

This new platform allows our customers to make purchases with just one click, helping to connect more homes and businesses in the remote villages of America.

• FYCO Learning.

It is an online educational platform for teaching subjects related to telecommunications, designed for technician training, university students and all persons who wish to be certified in the proper use of products used in the deployment of telecommunications networks.

• FYCO Auction.

It is a platform dedicated to the auction of telecommunication products by lots, specifically surplus products from completed projects that are available to be purchased at reduced prices and used in new developments.

• VMI.

It is an online tool that allows our customers to continuously track their FYCO product inventory. With this service, they can access a personalized account online to know in which commercial phase their products are, from manufacturing, transportation, to the status of the inventory in our warehouses. It is an added value for our customers and partners that we are sure will facilitate their administrative and logistic activities.

• FYCO Support.

It is an online advisory platform dedicated to providing technical support to telecommunication network installers through a team of expert engineers. No matter what phase of operation the networks are in, at FYCO we have the necessary knowledge

• ALT.

ALT is FYCO's trademark that offers an adaptable line of telecommunication products and a technical solution with product engineering tailored to our customers. ALT's catalog is the most complete in Latin America, not only because of the quality and quantity of products that already make it up, but also because of its ability to offer solutions to any industry demand.

At FYCO we are ready for the future and we invite you to read our “Newsletter” column, an exclusive space where the last Monday of every month you can read not only about our technological innovations, but also about the latest trends in telecommunications technology in our region. A team of specialists will be waiting for you, join us from today and open your mind to innovation because the future is already here.

Edwar Juarez 

Chief Marketing Officer. 

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